VERSATIL [vɛʁ.sa.til] adj. (from Latin versatilis) — 1. Polyvalent; 2. Capable of doing many things in a competent manner; 3. Having varied uses or many functions; 4. Mindset ready for moving freely in all directions.

VERSATIL is a Libre digital services company active in Europe, Nantes (France 🇫🇷), since 2000, and present in Africa, Libreville (Gabon 🇬🇦). We further Users and communities' freedoms by actively using, advocating and contributing to Libre Software, and we are engaged in making Networks safer for privacy.


Mobile (SMS): +33 766 341 441 Email: Head office: 11A place Victor Mangin, 44200 Nantes France


Mobile (SMS): +241 04 61 21 22 Email: Head office: ZI d'Oloumi (MATÉRIAUX RÉUNIS), BP 1372 Libreville Gabon